Oil Field Injury Attorneys

The oil industry can be defined as one of the most dangerous areas of work as employees are faced with many risks. It is common for accidents in the oil and gas industry in the Houston area to result in severe injuries or death. Many people need justice. Don’t be the victim again by not knowing your legal rights.

Getting Help with your Houston Oil and Gas Work Injury

After receiving a work-related injury on an oil or gas field, it is important to get the necessary help from an attorney near you who understands the legal process. Immediately report the matter to the appropriate personnel and receive appropriate medical help. It is very important to find a Texas refinery injury attorney near Galveston, Houston, or Beaumont to ensure that your matter is handled as soon as possible. Many oil and gas companies are large and can retain expensive legal staff and risk management after an injury or death. This is why it is so important to find a trusted and experienced Texas oil and gas work injury lawyer in the Galveston, Houston, and Beaumont areas to aggressively investigate and handle your claim.

Since most people do not know how to go about getting compensation for the damages and injuries, oil and gas injury lawyers will pursue your claim on your behalf. Examples of cases handled by the Texas oil injury lawyers include drilling rig injuries, well site injuries, pipeline injuries, and oil tanker injuries. Gas spills and other gas-related accidents are also common. Many accidents take people’s lives, limbs, leave them with burns, or maim and disable them for the rest of their lives.

Types of Oil Field Accidents

The oil field is a dangerous place, and one can suffer many different types of injuries there. Some of the most common injuries include falling from a height, fire injuries, electrical injuries, explosions, toxic fume exposure, vehicular accidents on the field, and defective machinery. These are by no means the only types of injuries that an oil field worker might suffer, but they are some of the ones that a Houston oil field accident lawyer will see most often.

Many of these injuries can be life threatening, and others will keep an employee out of work for some time, perhaps permanently. This could adversely affect your ability to make a living, and if the accident wasn’t your fault, you need to make sure that you have the compensation you deserve for that injury.

Finding a Lawyer After a Oil and Gas Refinery or Drilling Accident

When looking for representation with the hope of getting the very best, always hire a law firm that has the right reputation and experience in Texas. There are many law firms and choosing the right one is important. Getting the assistance of a reputable firm—such as the Law Firm of Scott P. Callahan, P.C.—can make a difference. We will work with you as a team.

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