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Is Medical Treatment Important to Your Personal Injury Case?

As anyone who has suffered serious injury knows, it is not easy and there are a lot of things to consider to move your life forward. Sometimes, despite being injured, we see people put medical treatment on the back burner, stress about medical bills, struggle to take off work, or not going for treatment altogether. […]

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Scott Callahan Hired to Represent Student Hit by Speeding Cafeteria Worker at Alief Hastings High School

Woman Traveling Twice the Legal Limit Before Striking Student Throughout the country, school zones require drivers to travel at 20 miles per hour or less when children are present. The streets surrounding Hastings High School in Houston, Texas are no different. According to police, a cafeteria worker from Alief Hastings was travelling at least twice […]

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Can Multiple Parties Be Liable for a Car Accident in Texas?

Determining Who Is at Fault in Texas Car Accident Cases When multiple vehicles are involved in a car accident, liability can get complicated. It is not unusual for more than one party to have some portion of fault or culpability. If you are seriously injured in an auto accident, it is highly recommended that you […]

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