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“He Is Honest and Trustworthy….”Actual Client
“They Took Me Seriously….”Actual Client
“Someone I Could Trust…..”Actual Client

“Mr. Scott Callahan and his team took on my case when I contacted them after getting hit by a car in a pedestrian walkway resulting in a major leg injury. They were involved with the care for my leg and were only interested in making sure I was doing okay along the way. No words can express the gratitude and great job he did.”

– Rachel M.

“After my injury, I met with you in your office to determine the extent of my legal rights and possible damages. After our meeting I felt a sense that someone was on my side and that you were completely invested in making sure I was treated fairly. Well, I never could have imagined the competence and breadth of knowledge you displayed. I was always made to feel that my case was important to you, and that you were going to achieve the best possible outcome. You returned phone calls promptly, and you were always on top of my case. I am convinced that the only reason my case turned out the way it did was because you were my attorney. I will never be able to thank you enough for what you did.”

– Jerry W.

“I would like to thank Scott for helping me and my family when we needed it most. After meeting with him, I finally felt like someone was on my side and reassured that it was ME that was the victim. Scott is a very thorough lawyer and left no stone unturned. Scott and his staff would keep us updated on the progress of our case and really helped put us at ease as much as possible throughout the entire process. He and his staff never “talked down” to us. In final, Scott and his staff now feel like friends to my family and me. I would highly recommend Scott to those looking for a honest, dependable attorney.”

– Carl W.

“I just would like to say THANK YOU for the AWESOME work that you all put into my husband’s case. You all have shown patience, kindness, support, & most of all such great care & concern for him. I TRULY THANK GOD for Mr. Callahan & the strong support team that he has behind him. I believe that we developed a strong bond & great friendship in the year he has worked with us. I recommend anyone who is looking for a lawyer who will truly fight & defend you. TEAM CALLAHAN is the lawyer you want… I consider him the TOP LAWYER of the twenty-first century.”

— C.C.

“The time that Scott and his office gave my case was remarkable. I was very pleased in the outcome of my lawsuit and would recommend his law office to anyone in need of a very honest lawyer that cares about his client.”

– Debra G.

“I got into an accident and didn’t know what to do. Finally, my mom referred me to Scott Callahan. My mom was confident that Scott would win my case just like he won hers. I had little hope because I had a previous back injury and felt that I wouldn’t have a case. I spoke with Scott and felt more and more confident that he could win my case. Not only did Scott win my case, I got double the maximum of what the defendant’s insurance would pay out. It has been years since my accident but, when I have a question I call Scott. Thanks so much for all the help.”

– Michelle G.

“I would like to take this time out to thank the Law Office of Scott Callahan for the great representation that he has giving me. They are hard & dedicated workers & also passionate about getting to know their clients. It is no doubt that I would recommend anyone to the Law Office of Scott Callahan because they fight for what they believe in. In my case, the truth has made me free & I truly thank God for them. I truly consider the Law Office of Scott Callahan family, a friend, & one of the best law firms in the state of Texas. I`ve grown to love them as well, & will continue to keep in touch. THANK YOU!!”

— Michael F.

“I hired Scott after being injured in a car accident. He and his staff worked diligently to get my case resolved. They were very responsive in getting back to me and keeping me updated on the progress of their negotiations on my behalf. I have nothing but good things to say about Scott, and I would highly recommend him to anyone who’s looking for an attorney who is very experienced in handling personal injury cases, who genuinely cares about his clients, and who will work hard to achieve a good outcome for his clients.”

– A.H.

“Scott was excellent. Listened to our story, carved out all the needed facts, and built a solid case in our favor. He kept us informed and was very empathetic to our situation throughout the 2+ years. His staff is great and very easy to work with. Scott is a professional negotiator, solution finder, and I highly recommend him to anyone that needs legal guidance and counsel.”

– G.H. and J.H.

“Mr. Callahan represented me, and I greatly appreciate his help. He is very professional, he listens to you, he answers every question you may have, keeps you informed, and always keeps your best interests in mind. He is going to do everything to win your case. Thank you very much for everything.”

– Oscar R.

“We would recommend Scott Callahan. We felt he listened to us and cared about our case. We were kept in contact with his office and any changes that were going on with the case. Our questions were answered, and he advised what was best for us…”

– Joyce and Bob L.

“I was very happy with the way Scott represented me. I spoke with a few lawyers before I went in for a visit with him. I knew the first day we met the he was interested in helping me because he took time to listen. [When] information came in on my case he informed me, he was a very hard working lawyer. I have also referred people to him and if he could help them I’m sure he did. Mr. Callahan is my first choice of a lawyer, I was very satisfied…”

– Wayne W., Sr.

“…all staff and the Lawyer that handled my case were very helpful, nice, and patient. Also, Kristina Gaddy the (Paralegal) that was in charged to keep me informed (up to date) with my case, and making sure I understood the procedures, she went above and beyond doing her job. She’s amazing and she was very patient with me and my timing.”

– Evelyn C.

“I would like to think Attny Callahan and Kristi for there fast working on my accidental case they was knowledgeable and fast to get the settlement I needed I would all ways come back to them and tell every one to call them. Thank you.”

– Krail M.

“My experience with Scott Callahan and his group was very positive. They stayed the course all the way through, with a very good outcome. I am grateful for all of their help, and would highly recommend them to anyone needing quality legal assistance.”

– Janice H.

“Our experience with the Callahan group could not have been better. They are responsive to contacts, good listeners, and stayed engaged with the project to the end. The outcome was everything we could have ever hoped for. Would highly recommend to anyone in need of legal expertise. Truly a 5 star performance.”

– Tim S.

“I worked with Kristina on my case and I was very impressed with the constant updates and communication that I received from her. She was very friendly and knowledgeable which put me at ease throughout the entire process. Definitely recommend!

– Siobhan S.

“Scott Callahan & Associates represented me when I suffered a brain injury in a car accident. I received personalized attention and representation from Scott himself, not some first year law grad. His experience, coupled with the diligence of his staff, gave me peace of mind that I was in excellent hands.”

– Delfina G.

“I fell while I was working and broke 2 of my right hand fingers. I then contacted Scott Callahan & Associates to help me with my case. They explained everything in detail and made the process a better learning experience. If you ever need an Attorney, Mr. Scott Callahan is the man to call for your legal problems. I highly recommend Mr. Scott Callahan, he helped me so much with my case and kept me updated. I am very grateful for the help, he is an amazing Attorney.”

– Margo L.

“I was in a very tough accident on a bicycle in March on ’21. I was in hospital for treatment for a bit over one month, then Physical and Speech Therapy for several months in out-patient services. This also included operations to my shoulder and MRIs. During this time Scott and the team at his office were always helpful and available. He left no stone unturned in seeing that were we protected and covered. Your first call should be to Scott Callahan if you need assistance.”

– Peter A.