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Katy Truck Accident Lawyer

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Katy Truck Accident Attorney

Tractor or trailer accidents are significantly more severe than a regular car collision, and the overall possibility of casualties in these cases are more than twice as high. It is the primary reason you must hire a Katy truck accident lawyer as soon as possible. A knowledgeable truck accident lawyer from a dependable law office can help defend your legal rights and ensure you reach fair compensation for damages. Our Scott Callahan & Associates team will discuss some important reasons you should consider hiring an attorney to help you out after a truck or trailer accident.

Insurance For Trucks And Tractors Is Different

After a severe accident, most people make personal injury claims with the other party’s insurance provider. However, this process can be a bit challenging since multiple insurance plans might be in effect. The truck, the trucking firm, and the driver may all have different insurances. Even the cargo inside the vehicle might be protected by insurance.

Since dealing with so many insurance providers can be complicated, things can quickly get out of hand. When you work with a knowledgeable Katy truck accident lawyer, you will not have to stress about how they handle everything. Moreover, insurance companies, in most cases, are looking for ways to save money since they prefer to avoid paying many accidental claims.

Non-Economic Damages

There is a good chance that the insurance company will give you an offer large enough to cover your medical expenses. However, it’s best to consult an attorney before you sign anything. Though the medical costs for your accident might go up to hundreds of dollars, your total losses could be much greater than your total medical costs.

You may be eligible to receive extra compensation for lost wages if you could not work for a while after your truck accident. This money can also be used to train for a new career or maintain your family without working if the incident left you disabled and unable to join your previous workplace.

These are just the economic losses you may have after a truck accident. In cases where the victim’s close relative was killed or suffered severe injuries, you may also be qualified to receive non-economic damages compensation for mental torment, pain, misery, or loss of companionship. The jury often determines economic and non-economic damages depending on how seriously your accident impacted your life.

Trucking Regulations Can Be Complicated

All truck drivers must keep up with specific industry standards when driving since they work as professional employees. This involves:

  • Maintaining credentials
  • Maintaining annual inspections
  • Keeping track of total working hours and vacations
  • Keeping track of planned maintenance

Federal and state laws govern the trucking sector. Most truck drivers must adhere to rigid deadlines and tight schedules despite this. Though most truck drivers are responsible and cautious, an accident might still occur when drivers neglect maintenance or do not get enough sleep to stay on schedule.

It can be difficult for an average person to determine what circumstance contributed to their accident. However, an experienced Katy personal injury attorney can look into your case file and tell you exactly what caused your accident.

You Will Not Have To Stress About Saying Something Wrong!

You may get multiple calls from the insurance provider asking for information when a collision causes significant damage. It can get frustrating since you fear you might say something that suggests you were at fault for the accident.

An experienced adjuster might try to convince you to create a scene even though you are unsure what happened. It can be much more stressful if you are recovering from severe injuries and financial losses from your accident.

If you have chosen a Katy truck accident lawyer, they can help speak to the insurance companies on your behalf. This way, a professional attorney can ease your mind before you receive your claim.

Remember, a car weighs 20 times less than an 18-wheeler truck. This increases your chances of suffering severe injuries. It would be best if you hire an experienced attorney to represent your best interest if you finalize filing a lawsuit against the company that recruited the truck driver.

Allow Scott Callahan & Associates To Help You File A Claim

Submitting a claim in accidents involving a tractor, truck, or trailer can be complicated. Hence, having an experienced Katy truck accident lawyer from Scott Callahan & Associates is essential. They can help explain all your legal rights and how you can approach your case to get fair compensation for your damages. Call our team at 713-888-9000 to book your initial consultation today! Our experts can also help represent your case in court if you decide to file litigation.