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12 Funniest Things Said In Court

These Hilarious Courtroom Blunders Are Sure to Make You Laugh Lawyers are not necessarily known for their comedy routines but, once in a while, a perfectly posed question brings a pause in the courtroom. Court reporters capture every moment, the good, the bad, and the embarrassing. The book Disorder in the Court has a compilation of these exchanges between […]

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Top 5 Things Jurors Aren’t Told

Let’s face it. Most people’s stomachs turn when they see a jury summons arrive in the mail. Common sentiments include: Can I get it postponed? How can I get out of it? Maybe I’ll just say something crazy or be really quiet so I don’t get picked. Lawyers and judges know that jury duty can […]

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School Bus Crashes Raise Question of Why No Seat Belts

School bus crashes—like the one in Texas City this last April that injured 7 students—raise an often-asked question for many parents: Why aren’t seat belts required on school buses? After all, it’s the law to buckle up kids in cars, so why not in school buses? Isn’t the safety of our children of utmost importance? […]

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