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Houston Underride Truck Accident Lawyers

Underride truck accidents are a serious and often fatal type of collision that occurs when a smaller vehicle becomes entrapped under the trailer of a large truck, such as a tractor-trailer or semi-truck. These accidents pose significant risks to motorists and are a critical concern in road safety. Read on to learn more about this serious type of collision, what you can do to prevent these and what to do if you find yourself in this accident.

What causes underride truck accidents?

Faulty safety features

A primary culprit of these types of accidents is the lack of underride-prevention bars on the tractor-trailer or inadequate ones that collapse rather than stop a smaller car from going underneath.

Truck Braking Suddenly or Unexpectedly

If a large truck abruptly slows down or comes to a stop, a smaller vehicle behind may be unable to brake in time, resulting in an underride collision.

Lane changes

If a truck unsafely changes lanes, this can also lead to a smaller vehicle becoming entrapped under the trailer.

Poor visibility

Limited visibility due to adverse weather conditions, low lighting, or blind spots on the truck can contribute to underride accidents. This can happen due to a distracted truck driver, the glare of the sun on a bright sunny day, as well as in rain, fog, snow and at night.

Inadequate truck markings and lighting

Trucks with insufficient reflective markings and lighting are less visible to other motorists, increasing the likelihood of underride accidents. This type of underride truck accident typically happens at night or in poor weather conditions.

What are the injuries from underride truck accidents?

Underride truck accidents can have severe consequences, which include:

Fatalities and serious injuries

The nature of underride collisions often leads to catastrophic outcomes, causing fatalities or life-altering injuries for occupants of the smaller vehicles.

Spinal cord injuries

Underride accidents can lead to whiplash, blunt force trauma, or even paralysis.

Emotional and psychological impact

Survivors of underride accidents and their families may experience long-lasting emotional and psychological trauma.

Who has liability in an underride truck accident?

In many 18-wheeler accidents, the liability rests with the truck driver or the trucking company that could be pressuring the driver to meet deadlines despite fatigue or dangerous road conditions.

However, in an underride collision, the truck manufacturer may also be a responsible party due to safety features failing on a truck. This can include poor or faulty lighting, improper markings, or a lack of underride guards on the truck.

How can I avoid an underride truck accident?

Drivers on the road need to be cautious when driving next to 18-wheelers. Good practices to avoid your car becoming entrapped under an 18-wheeler include:

  •       Maintaining a safe distance between you and these trucks
  •       Avoid driving between two 18-wheelers
  •       If you are passing a truck, try to do so quickly to avoid the amount of time alongside the truck in their blind spot
  •       Be extra vigilant around trucks in poor visibility conditions.

Let a Houston Underride Truck Accident Attorney Guide Your Claim

If you or a loved one are a victim of an underride truck accident, it is important to seek experienced legal counsel to explore every avenue to get the compensation you deserve. Attorney Scott Callahan is board-certified in personal injury trial law and has successfully handled many underride truck accidents throughout his 25 years in practice. Give Scott Callahan and Associates a call today at 713-888-9000 to discuss your claim.