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Is Medical Treatment Important to Your Personal Injury Case?

As anyone who has suffered serious injury knows, it is not easy and there are a lot of things to consider to move your life forward. Sometimes, despite being injured, we see people put medical treatment on the back burner, stress about medical bills, struggle to take off work, or not going for treatment altogether. We’re here to talk about why treatment is so important not only for your health and recovery, but why it is critical to your personal injury claim.

Don’t Delay, Seek Medical Treatment Right Away

After you’ve been injured, it’s important to seek medical care right away. Especially if you did not go to the emergency room or get immediate medical attention on the scene, do not wait days, weeks, or months to go for your first appointment after your injury. A large gap in time between the accident and seeking treatment can incorrectly lead the insurance company to think your injuries are not serious or that your claim lacks credibility. They could low-ball the amount they offer for your claim, or even deny compensation altogether.

Medical Records for Your Treatment Are Key

In addition to medical records, things like treatment plans, test results, hospital bills and any other documentation related to your treatment can help build a stronger claim. This is factual evidence to support the severity of your injuries and justify any long-term and ongoing medical treatment. Medical records can also help quantify financial losses, such as lost wages or out-of-pocket expenses one is likely to incur after a serious injury.

Medical records also serve as proof of consistent medical care which validate the severity of your injuries. These medical records are also essential for down the road should you decide to apply for Social Security disability benefits.

The Physician You Choose For Treatment Is Important

Though we encourage you to seek competent treatment of any kind following an accident or injury, the type of treatment you receive can matter in a personal injury claim. For example, an insurance company may give more weight or consideration to a claim with extensive specialist treatment over treatment with an alternative or holistic therapy provider. We know this might not always be possible given your finances or the availability of specialists in your area. However, we encourage you to seek treatment with a physician best suited to treat your injuries.

It’s also important you are comfortable with the physician treating your injuries. Make sure you are detailed in describing your pain and limitations, so the doctor can provide thorough documentation in your records and potentially be a strong ally in your personal injury claim.

Never Be Afraid to Seek a Second Opinion

If you feel it is too difficult to get appointments, or you feel your physician isn’t listening to you or acknowledging what you are saying, seek a second opinion! You want to be on the path to getting better and getting your life back, while also maximizing the amount rightfully owed to you in a personal injury claim. Thus, you want to treat with a physician who is very much on your side.

Seek a Free Legal Consultation from a Board-Certified Houston Personal Injury Attorney

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