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Complex Regional Pain Syndrome Lawyers in Katy, Texas

Katy RSD Attorney

The chronic pain that accompanies complex regional pain syndrome (CRPS), also referred to as reflex sympathetic dystrophy (RSD), can be enough to debilitate a person. The pain can cause people to stay out of work, which can lead to a host of financial problems. To understand why CRPS is so serious, it’s important to understand the condition. Our Katy CRPS Lawyer knows the complexities in situations like this.

CRPS is a neurological syndrome that causes pain in a region of the body, often part of the body that underwent injury in some type of accident. It could be an injury from a car accident, a fall, or another type of injury. Even though the wounds might seem to heal, that neurological pain persists, and this type of pain can be enough to hinder movement, cause mind numbing pain, and more. Burning sensations, joint pain, and muscle spasms are some of the other symptoms that you might have with CRPS.


If you believe that your CRPS is the result of an injury you suffered due to another’s negligence, then you could have reason to contact a Houston CRPS lawyer today. Many people never receive the right diagnosis, and they never get the help that they need. They or their doctors might believe that their pain is due to some other malady. Having proper diagnosis from a doctor who understands CRPS and having the legal help of attorneys who have worked similar cases is going to be in your benefit in these instances. You may well have a case that can help you receive the financial restitution you deserve.

Those who have CRPS will find that it can be difficult to live life normally. The pain can be enough that it is impossible to do certain types of work. It can cause financial hardship because of this, as well as mental stress. You need help, and you cannot afford to wait to find it.


When you are trying to find a Houston lawyer for CRPS, it is vital that you choose attorneys who have experience and a good reputation. One of the best options for anyone who is looking for a personal injury attorney to help in this type of case is to choose Scott Callahan & Associates The experience and the caring service you will find at the firm can make dealing with your case and your pain less stressful.

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