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Katy Fire Injuries Lawyer

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Katy Fire Injuries Attorney

Catastrophic injuries from explosions and fires are unfortunately common in the workplace, and they can occur in many different types of work environments. Fire can cause burns, lung damage, and death in many cases. Recovering from injuries sustained in a fire can be difficult. Infections can set into the body, and burns are terribly painful. Other types of injuries, such as broken bones, might be the result of trying to get out of the harm’s way during the fire. Those types of injuries deserve damages as well. Let a top Houston lawyer for fire accidents and injuries help you.


Many people work with or near dangerous equipment, and they often do not realize just how much potential for danger those areas or equipment might hold. A wide range of different industries could have to deal with fire, even those that might not initially believe they are in any danger from fire.

For example, a company that has paper files, or onsite servers, or even retail space could find themselves in a situation where they have a fire. It could be an electrical problem that the company ignores, arson, or a host of other issues that led to the fire. If a company or a building does not have sufficient plans for dealing with a fire, such as alarms, an escape route, or fire extinguishers, they may also be liable for any injuries due to fire accidents.

Of course, there are some industries, where dealing with fire is commonplace, such as at a restaurant, or a welding shop. Even though those employees might be more accustomed to these types of accidents, it does not mean that it is any less dangerous.

Not respecting fire and being negligent when it comes to keeping up with the fire codes and safety regulations can be a real problem for some companies. This may well lead to some type of fire. If you or a member of your family suffered an injury or a death in a fire, then you may have a personal injury case. Contact a Houston lawyer for fire accidents and injuries to look into your case.


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